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<font size="5">Illustration festival in Zagreb</font>

Illustration festival in Zagreb

In september 2017 I was in Zagreb to participate in the illustration festival 36 Mountains – a festival consisting of an exhibition of 36 individual sketchbooks as well as lectures and workshops – all of it with the subject of drawing and illustration!

<font size="5">Generationernes Aarhus</font>

Generationernes Aarhus

For mig har det lige fra begyndelsen været en kæmpe ære at være med i dette projekt og at få lov til at se mine tegninger få nyt liv gennem disse broderier har været en stor oplevelse. Jeg kan ærligt sige, at jeg aldrig i min vildeste fantasi havde forestillet mig det, før jeg blev præsenteret for idéen!

<font size="5">A trip to the west coast</font>

A trip to the west coast

Even though Denmark is a small country, we have several special places with a wide variation of nature and different atmospheres. I have yet to see many of them, but one of them I’ve recently visited: the West Coast of Jutland.

<font size="5">Being an entrepreneur</font>

Being an entrepreneur

You can be an artist without being an entrepreneur. You can be an entrepreneur without being an artist. Or you can be both. I’ve found that the more I understand and accept these two terms and make them collaborate, the more I move forward.

<font size="5">An introduction</font>

An introduction

In my previous post I wrote about my 2-year-anniversary as a freelance artist and illustrator and what it meant to me. In this post I want to share a bit more of what it is that I actually do!

<font size="5">Celebrating a milestone and creating a blog</font>

Celebrating a milestone and creating a blog

Almost three weeks ago, on july 16th, I could celebrate my two-year-anniversary as an “official” self-employed artist and illustrator. This was a milestone for me, and milestones are worth to celebrate – and in my case this celebration includes creating this blog to share my thoughts, experiences, knowledge and inspiration within the areas of illustration, freelance life, work philosophy and creativity! Welcome!